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10% of every purchase goes towards funding the next "Project Mother's Touch", whose goal is to feed our neighbors.

**2 Outreaches are planned this Quarter

-August 19th -Bethany

House Dinner

-Anniversary Outreach

August 31st

Fun Fact *** Every week Healthy Snack bags are available for anyone in need at any of our 6 markets..just come up to our questions asked.

Thank you..Thank you!! Our Senior Appreciation Dinner/Outreach this past December 27th. was a success. Additional diners were donated to those in need in the OTR/ West End area.

Our Anniversary Outreach was held in October and was blessed to pass out lunch along with "care bags" to our needy neighbors. Please join us this December for our 2nd Annual Senior Appreciation Dinner

* Muffins with Meaning!!! The quarters that will don't have a larger outreach.. we pass out homemade, from scratch muffins/ pastries, fresh fruit and coffee/tea/juice. "Showing Humanity through A Mother's Touch"

Project Mother's Touch Senior Outreach was held November 9th 2014 and focused on providing a healthy hot meal/dessert and a handmade card to the seniors and elders in our community. I am very thankful for those who volunteered for this amazing outreach!

** June 2014 - we passed out 120 lunches and 25"we care" bags to the homeless and those in need. The "care bags" included water, a packed lunch and small toiletries. Thank you to those who donated products and most importantly your time!

This Sunday November 10th, 2013 @ 10 am, join us for "Muffins with Meaning" where we will pass out over 75 freshly baked muffins, juice and hot chocolate to our neighbors in need! (Date was moved..being held @ The Laurel Homes Recreational Park)


Giving while Growing is our Mission at A "Mother's Touch" Cakes.

Thank You For Your Help With Project Mother's Touch !!!

With your purchases..over 90 people were fed on Sept 30th @ The Laurel Home Recreational Area in Downtown Cincinnati.

Thank you for your support Dec with the 2nd Project Mother's Touch!! *this past Dec , because of your purchases and donations ..140 people were fed at City Gospel Mission